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Get Your Swagger Jagger On

If the latest floral prints and pastel trends aren’t really doing it for you, ditch the pink this summer and inject some inspiration from the streets into your wardrobe.
The urban look is going to be massive this season. So, whip out the bad gal swagger and no-nonsense attitude, and follow in the style footsteps of celebs like sexy N-Dubz singer, Tulisa, and sassy X-Factor star, Cher Lloyd. This is an in-your-face look that even the most groomed of girls can pull off with the right tools. GioGoi has a wide range of street-smart hoodies and tees to help get you started on that fashionable urban style.

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Cher Lloyd has been turning heads with her unique style since she burst onto our screens on the X-Factor a few years ago. Since then, she’s risen to fame as a pop star and has been in the headlines due her recent spat with national sweetheart, Cheryl Cole. But what keeps people talking about this little star is her funky wardrobe. If you’re a fan of Cher’s fresh and edgy look, try having fun with your clothes.

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As a role model for her young fans, Cher takes her look very seriously. Her clothes are always accessible – she’s not likely to wear a meat dress like Lady Gaga on the red carpet – but she’s not afraid to be bold or risqué, and always looks hot to trot. Unsurprisingly, girls across the nation have turned to Cher Lloyd for fashion inspiration –from her bold make-up to her bouffant hair ‘dos.

Cher is great at mixing soft nudes with vibrant colours, staying true to the quirky urban look. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few feminine and stylish pieces to look extra feisty. In Cher’s latest video Want U Back, she sports a cute black striped midriff-baring T-shirt, and rock chick leather skirt – this pop starlet look is perfect to steal a piece of the limelight.

Unkempt, backcombed hair and smoky smudged eyes are key to achieving the street look. And Cher has got it spot on. Whether she’s filming her latest music video or attending a celebrity bash, Cher is all about lashings of black eye liner, pink lips, killer heels and plenty of bling.

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Se le stampe floreali e i colori pastello non fanno per voi, vi trovate nel posto giusto! Oggi voglio parlarvi di uno speciale "Urban Look" molto in voga questa stagione, come quello della sexy N-Dubz, Tulisa ma soprattutto dell'energica Cher Lloyd! Ebbene si, la seguitissima e vivace star di X-Factor Cher Lloyd che di recente ha fatto molto parlare di se per il suo stile e per il suo battibecco con Cheryl Cole; Tute, lustrini, gonne in pelle e capi molto wild, il suo è uno stile da strada ( che non tutti apprezzano, talvolta nemmeno io! ), romantico quando vuole; di certo non passa inosservata e le ragazzine ne vanno letteralmente matte.
Cher sa il fatto suo quando si tratta di stile, sa osare - di certo non indossando un abito fatto interamente di carne, come la nostra "semplicissima" Lady Gaga -  ma senza esagerare o risultare ridicola. Mixa capi più glamour ed eleganti ad altri dal gusto più aggressivo, colori nude a colori accesi e vibranti. 
L'avete vista nell'ultimo video Want U Back? Sfoggia un look molto sexy, micro magliettina aderente e gonna molto rocker in pelle!
A cosa non rinuncia mai Cher? Smokey eyes, foltissime ciglia e spessa linea di eyeliner - quindi trucco molto audace - acconciature molto cotonate, tacchi killer e tanti sbrilluccichini!

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