Sunday, April 29, 2012

Style Icon: Giovanna Battaglia

Last time I've talked about Victoria Beckham, today I will introuduce you to an italian Style Icon: Giovanna Battaglia, ex model, Fashion Director of Vogue Gioiello and Vogue Pelle and freelance stylist. Her style is always original but elegant, she often plays with smart combinations of patterns and colours, she knows how to risk and the result is always brilliant. Personally, I really admire her style. Let me know what you think!

La scorsa volta vi ho parlato di Victoria Beckham, oggi voglio introdurvi ad un' Icona di stile tutta  Italiana: Giovanna Battaglia, ex modella, Fashion Director di Vogue Gioiello e Vogue Pelle e stylist freelance. Il suo stile è sempre originale ma elegante, gioca spesso con attente combinazioni di stampe e colori, sa bene come rischiare ed il risultato è sempre impeccabile e brillante. Personalmente ammiro molto il suo stile. E voi? Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!

Giulia C.

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  1. love the first shoes and the last ones...
    besitos by marni

  2. I love all of this outfits! :) ♥

  3. Oh... This is beautiful, I hope the model is more ok.... Kiss.....kiss [ kiss => kidding].

  4. I love the first dress!

  5. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ^^

    wanna follow each other? ^^

  6. bellissimi il primo e l'ultimo outfit!!!

  7. Wow she looks incredible, love her dress!
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  8. wow absolutely chic adn great, she gots style thats sure!!!
    nice post full of inpiration !!! ;)

  9. Hi!! I have seen your comment on my blog! thanks so much!
    This post is amazing! great looks and great girl!
    Of course you have a follower more!


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