Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walking on the beach

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Good Morning World!
Today I want to show you my first outfit for the blog. Actually I wasn't sure of publishing it because of pictures' quality, I don't have a professional camera and I try to do all my best! But then I thought that this isn't a "Photograpy" Blog and so I'm justified :) The most important thing is that you can see what I'm wearing.
This is a simply improvised outfit for a walk on the beach: boots, khaki trousers, a simple tank top and a denim shirt. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible and for the fist time when I took off my shoes there wasn't sand in them, great! Boots at the beach: Best choice!
It was my firts time wearing this denim shirt, I like it really much (I love shirts in general) and I've decided not to mix it with jeans (but I see a lot of people doing it), I don't know why but I hate mixing together two different hues of denim! And you? How would you wear it?

Buongiorno mondo!
Oggi voglio mostrarvi il mio primo outfit per il blog. A dir la verità non ero sicura se pubblicarlo o meno a causa della scarsa qualità delle foto, non ho una fotocamera professionale e cerco di fare del mio meglio! Ma dopo ho pensato che questo non è un blog di "Fotografia" e quindi sono giustificata :) La cosa più importante è che possiate vedere cosa indosso.
Questo è un outfit semplice ed improvvisato per una passeggiata sulla spiaggia: stivaletti, pantaloni khaki, una semplice canottiera e una camicia in denim. Volevo essere più comoda possibile e per la prima volta quando ho tolto le scarpe non c'era sabbia dentro! Fantastico! Stivaletti in spiaggia: Promossi alla grande!
Era la prima volta che indossavo questa camicia in denim, mi piace molto (Amo le camicie in generale) e ho deciso di non abbinarla con un jeans (eppure vedo molte persone farlo). Non so perchè ma odio combinare due diversi tipi di denim insieme! E voi? Come l'abbinereste?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Have you seen how wonderful my Sicily's seaside is?

Avete visto che bello il mare della mia Sicilia?

 Tank Top: Tezenis
Shirt: Only
Trousers: Fly Girl
Boots: Primadonna
Bag: Lacoste
Key Necklace: Claire's, bought in London

Giulia C.


  1. You are such a natural beauty! I love how your clothes fit you so well! I love the denim+khaki combo and yes, boots are the best option for walking on the beach ;)


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  2. @A Cup of Nostalgia thanks for all your sweet comments! It's encouraging receiving such nice comments right now, I've just started this new adventure and I'm scared that people won't appreciate what I'm doing...!
    thanks a lot xoxo

  3. You look amazing but that isn´t news.
    you always post something great.

    if you have time come to see mine.

  4. You are so pretty! I love love love those trousers!

  5. Cool outfit!! I like your shoes! and denim shirt! so stylish!!

  6. and I must say that you are very pretty!!!!

  7. @WE INSPIRE US thanks a lot! you're really nice.. :)

    @LV thanks a lot!

    @Clara Turbay thanks girl!

  8. love your look <3
    mind to follow back my blog

  9. I miss beach :)

  10. it seems like i feel the smell of the water..beautiful photos!


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