Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little red dress

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for the "not so cool" location and for the "too sporty body" but I had to show you this adorable Sheinside little red dress; it's itself so unique that you don't even need to use accessories, just a pair of simple heels and you're good to party all night long!
Do you like it as much as I do??
Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Outfit Ideas: Leopard print and Blue

Hello my Lovelies! New Outfit Ideas post today, I've decided to create a comfortable but chic Look for the daytime, to run some errands or just to go shopping. I adore adding a little touch of animalier print to my Outfits, this time I've chosen a shopper bag since it's very roomy and perfect if you're going to do thousands of things and you need comfort and space.
Have a lovely day!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Divissima Pyton Pink Bikini

Hello my Lovelies! As promised, I'm trying to update the blog more regularly and today I'm showing a new arrival in my closet, my Divissima pyton pink bikini! I had already written about Divissima but I have to admit that this time I'm even more satisfied with the bikini! I've always loved pyton print and pink has always been my favourite colour (how strange, isn't it?? ), the effetto is glamour, original and precious! I've chosen a padded bandeau top since I'm not so "breast-gifted", it's extremely comfortable and it doesn't slip when it's wet.
The quality is amazing, it's all made in Italy, the seams and even the littlest details are well-finished.
The variety of prints and models is enormous and they're specialised on mini bikinis.
They also sell lingerie, beachwear pieces, pyjamas and sport clothes; next time I'd like to try a dress or a pair of comfortable trousers to wear above my bikini.
You can't even imagine how embarassed I am to show you this pictures of me with a bikini, so sorry if I' don't look comfortable at all!  ;)
Have a lovely evening!